Wind Power: A Closer Look

The debate on what to do about energy and non-renewable fossil fuels is ongoing. One alternative to fossil fuels that can be considered is wind power. You have probably seen a wind turbine or two along the highway depending on where you live or even a wind farm.

Benefits of Wind Power

There are numerous benefits that can be found from using wind power. Wind power is a renewable source of energy, produces no greenhouse gasses or byproducts, is clean, takes up a small space, doesn’t require water, and can be widely distributed. There can be just one wind turbine in place looking like a futuristic windmill or a whole slew of them in a wind farm to gather more energy. A wind farm may take up more space, but the land can be used for agricultural and other purposes at the same time.

Problems with Wind Power

Wind power does have some negatives that need to be addressed to help it become an even stronger alternative to fossil fuels. The first is that it can harm wildlife with bird and bat strikes. Researchers are looking to find ways to repel the birds and bats safely from the area, but strikes still happen. Turbines can also be noisy, so that may make residents not want them in their area along with how many see them as unsightly.

Wind Power is one renewal energy source that can give fossil fuels a real run for its money, especially once the problems are addressed.